Pat’s Fund and Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason in Seattle (BRI) together hold a key philosophy about finding solutions for autoimmunity. Both recognize that many autoimmune diseases (AD) share similar mechanisms. As new information about one or more AD is uncovered it often applies to several specific AD and may have general application to the more than 80 diagnosed autoimmune conditions.

BRI is an international leader in immune system and autoimmune disease research, translating discoveries to real life applications. BRI is one of the few research institutes in the world dedicated to finding causes and cures to eliminate autoimmune diseases.

Pat’s Fund has been working steadily in partnership with BRI since 2005 to raise community awareness about both autoimmunity in general and the ground breaking science being conducted daily at BRI. A large portion of funds donated annually by Pat’s Fund is received by BRI for work with autoimmune disease research.

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The Pat's Fund mission

The mission of Pat's Fund is to educate, increase visibility and fund research related to the causes and cures of autoimmune disease.

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1 in 5 people live with autoimmune disease.
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When invaders attack your body the immune system goes to work. If things don’t go right healthy tissue can be targeted producing an autoimmune response. No one knows yet why this happens. There are no cures!

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