Pat loved golf beginning his passion at age seven when his golf bag bumped along the ground as he walked the course. If he had lived he would have encouraged his children to play the sport he adored. In his absence and as a memorial Pat’s Fund plans to keep his memory alive with an annual scholarship to a young person equally as “in-love” with golf as Pat was and who is affected by autoimmunity.

  • The heyBarnee! Golf Scholarship
  • An annual gift of $1000 or more to one young person 10 – 15 years of age who needs financial support to further an interest in golf.


  • A youth of qualifying age directly affected by autoimmune disease, either his/her own condition or a key family member.
  • Currently enrolled in a formal golf program.
    • Golf course youth program
    • First Tee
    • School golf program
    • Other
  • Must live in the Washington State.


  • Entries to be submitted per entry instructions and to be completed by November 1 of each year.
  • Each entry will require a written statement by the applicant indicating why they have an interest in golf and why they have a financial need based on autoimmune disease.
  • Applications will be available in the following places: (Coming Soon)
    • On-line,
    • Selected golf courses in Washington State
    • Through golf coaches at various public and private schools.


  • The award will be made in January of each year at an event honoring the memory of Pat Barnes and the annual winner.

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The Pat's Fund mission

The mission of Pat's Fund is to educate, increase visibility and fund research related to the causes and cures of autoimmune disease.

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1 in 5 people live with autoimmune disease.
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When invaders attack your body the immune system goes to work. If things don’t go right healthy tissue can be targeted producing an autoimmune response. No one knows yet why this happens. There are no cures!

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